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Feb 21

Become a Tron snowboarder with this full-body LED snowsuit

Feb 15

Filmmaking: Adventure Vision

Creating stunning, cutting-edge adventure films hasn’t gotten any easier. There’s still plenty of sweat and swearing. It has gotten a little cheaper, and, with YouTube, a viral video is only a few clicks away. Filmmaker and adventurer Bryan Smith has been at the forefront of this grassroots movement

Feb 2

How long would it take you to hike the entire 224-mile John Muir Trail? Andrew Skurka does it in seven days (and we’re pretty sure he was holding back…).

Jan 17

Only two days left to vote for the People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year!

Dec 2

Video: Watch the Amazing JP Auclair Street Skiing Scene From All.I.Can.

This scene from the award-winning Sherpas Cinema ski film All.I.Can. may have been our favorite at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Set to LCD Soundsystem’s “Dance Yourself Clean,” it features freeskier JP Auclair jibbing his way through three towns in British Columbia, Canada. “We asked people if we could ‘play’ in their front yards before we’d start jumping over their cars, etc.,” says Auclair, who seems to effortlessly ski across snowless roads (causing sparks), down staircases, and flipping through intersections.

Read the whole interview

Nov 3

Death wish or pioneering spirit? The dynamic life of snowboarder Xavier de le Rue.

Aug 5

Three guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38,000 miles, an exploding volcano, and two cameras. Get out there and MOVE.

Jun 28

Shark jumping over surfer video—amazing or mundane? Verdict:

"The video [is] certainly interesting…inasmuch as that sort of jumping behavior, while common, hasn’t been well documented on film—and certainly not in proximity of surfers.

"As far as surfers recreating in the ocean in proximity to sharks… well, it is the ocean! Most surfers recognize that we share our surf breaks with sharks."

Read what our Surfrider expert had to say about it.

Jun 1

Watch this video of amazing street trials biker Danny MacAskill in Cape Town, South Africa, then read our interview with him.